European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates (CESIO)

CESIO represents the European surfactants industry and works to develop scientific knowledge and expertise in human health and the environment in order to optimise the safe use of surfactants and ensure their beneficial contribution to social and economic development.

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About surfactants

  • What are surfactants?

    Smart, versatile chemicals - with special abilities to mobilise, combine and alter materials

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  • How surfactants are made

    From coconut, palm kernel or crude oil - surfactants can be made using different types of raw materials

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  • Surfactants and sustainability

    Natural or synthetic - surfactants can make many products and processes more resource efficient

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Policy and Legislation

CESIO works on behalf of the industry across a broad range of technical and regulatory issues but focuses on Classification and Labelling, Ecolabelling and Detergents Regulation,
as these have the greatest impact on surfactants users and consumers.

  • Classification & Labelling

    The EU’s Classification & Labelling (CLP) regulation ensures products are appropriately classified, labelled and packaged before being placed on the market.

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  • Ecolabelling

    The EU’s voluntary labelling scheme which helps consumers and business purchasers identify products that have reduced environmental impact.

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  • Detergents Regulation

    Detergents Regulation: Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 establishes common rules to enable detergents and surfactants to be sold and used across the EU, while providing a high degree of protection.

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Information Centre

  • Industry Data

    European surfactant production figures by year and type of product

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  • Document Library

    Position papers, recommendations and guidelines relevant to surfactants

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  • News from CESIO

    Current and previous editions of the regular CESIO industry newsletter

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