What is CESIO?

Quick facts

At least 2.8 million tonnes of surfactants were produced in 2022 by reporting CESIO members, with an estimated turnover of at least €4 billion.

CESIO (the European Committee of Organic Surfactants and their Intermediates) is an industry association of manufacturers and marketers in the European surfactants industry.

CESIO was formed in 1974 to contribute to better understanding of surfactants and the many different ways in which they contribute to economic development and quality of life, and to address specific issues relating to human health and the environment in order to sustain their beneficial contribution to society.

Surfactants have a wide range of end-uses including in household detergents, personal care formulations, industrial and institutional washing and cleaning, as well as numerous technical applications in textiles, leather and paper treatment, agrochemicals, the metal, mining and oil industries, and in plastics, lubricants, paints and coatings.

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CESIO develops scientific knowledge around the safe manufacture and use of surfactants in order to optimise the continued sustainability of the industry.

  • Biodegradability, toxicity, water quality, health, classification and labelling
  • Safe handling, transport and tariffs
  • Promotion and development of standardised test methods

The work of the TRA Committee also helps CESIO members to comply with legislation impacting surfactant manufacturing, supply chain activity and relevant downstream industries.

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